Isfield Parish Council

encompassing Isfield, Rose Hill and Buckham Hill

Council responsibilities

What is a Parish Council?

It is a statutory local authority set up under the Local Government Act 1972.

Parish Councils are the first tier of government. Elections are held every four years. Isfield Parish Council has 7 councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the Parish Council. Isfield Parish Councillors do not receive any salary but contribute a great deal of their time and energy to ensure the smooth running of the Parish.


How are we funded?

The money the Parish Council spends comes from the Council Tax. This money is called the Precept and is used to improve facilities and services for local people

Isfield Parish Council is responsible for:

- The Pound

- Allotments

- The Parish web site

and, in its capacity as Trustee of the Isfield Recreation Ground Trust:

- Isfield Recreation Ground

- Isfield Pavilion

- The childrens' play park in the Recreation Ground


Planning Applications

The Council also considers and comments on local planning applications made to Wealden District Council although the final decision on these rests with the District Council



The Parish Council works with Local Authorities and Community Groups to make sure that, to the best of its ability, Isfield is a clean, safe and attractive parish in which to live. It listens to comments and suggestions from members of the public and, where appropriate takes action accordingly


The role of the Councillor

The role of a Councillor is to attend meetings and consider the agenda. They take part in discussions and constructive debate. They can suggest ideas, develop policy and maintain good standards of conduct.They should be receptive to training, get to know their community and ensure the Council is properly managed. - getting best value from the precept.

They can represent the Council on outside bodies and local community groups but must also express the Council's views and not their own.


The role of the Chairman

The Chairman is a statutory role. The first business at the annual meeting is to elect the Chairman. The Chairman has a casting vote.

He/she is responsible for managing the meeting and ensuring the council makes effective, lawful decisions.


The role of the Clerk

The Clerk is the Proper Officer in law and must be objective, professional and independent


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